Ikadem Orkestar

Ikadem Orkestar
Ikadem Orkestar
Ikadem Orkestar


Kriva Niva by Ikadem
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Line up

  • Minko Lambov (piano)
  • Nedyalko Nedyalkov (kaval)
  • Radi Dankov (bass)
  • Ventzislav Radev (Drums)


Bulgaria is a country well-known for its high standard of musicianship, where jazz has turned into a natural progression of the country's musical traditions. Regardless of whether the inspiration comes from Gypsy music or from musical academy students, the kaval, originally a shepherd's instrument, has turned into a bona fide jazz instrument thanks to master musicians like Teodosii Spasov and Kudsi Erguner. Although the roots of Nedyalkov's music are closer to tradition, he is equally at home with freer forms of improvisation. This is evident from his work with Milcho Leviev, Antoni Donchev and Yildiz Ibrahimova. He is part of the Irish Riverdance show along with Georgi Petrov and Peyo Peev and he recorded a fascinating disc with a number of the Irish performers in the show. Around the turn of the 21st century he became a member of the Norwegian Extremband Farmer's Market and a guest performer with Ross Daly, with whom he has performed in Crete.

Nedyalko's latest project is Ikadem, in which he has gathered young musicians including Minko Lambov, considered as one of Bulgaria's most promising pianists following in the footsteps of Milcho Leviev and Antoni Donchev; Ventzislav Radev, also well-known to international audiences including through his participation in Martin Lyubenov's Jazzta Prasta Band.

Ikadem's premiere took place at the Balkan Fever festival in Vienna in 2006 followed by participation at Balkan Music Square 2006 in Ohrid/Macedonia.

"This is Gypsy jazz a la Max Roach, and Nedyalkov's flute playing is raw, wild and played with virtuosity and abandon."

CLIFF FURNALD, editor RootsWorld