"Gypsy Summer - Tales Of Surviving" - Karandila Gypsy Brass Orchestra

Karandila Gypsy Brass Orchestra
Gypsy Summer - Tales Of Surviving


Balkan Brass
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As a well-known gypsy story goes, when allotting musicians to each country, God forgot all about Bulgaria. An angel asked: "What about dropping one down there?" to which God replied. "Shut up, you silly! We're takin'em from down there!" Although not very popular throughout the world, Bulgarian gypsy music has something of a universal nature of time. The musical repertoire of Balkan gypsies is unique in its variety and it's played with an inimitable feeling of freedom and imagination, sensuality and talent. It unites time and space within the multi-coloured canvas of world music and thus builds up a symbolic dialogue between different cultures.This CD presents music from the film "Gypsy Summer -Tales of Surviving", directed by Milan Ognianov. The film is about a journey through the life of gypsies - "the children of fire and love", as put by Anita Christy, gypsy singer and guide in the camera ravings on the road in Bulgaria. The songs are a powerful reverberation of the misery as well as joy of the gypsy people who have always been persecuted and have found in music there ethnic identity and determination to survive. This musical "gypsy summer" represents a colourful mixture of fiery music, involving musicians of different ages, (5 to 75) coming from different corners of Bulgaria, as well as combining various genres and styles (from Anita Christy's European ballad and romance, to a more Balkan and Oriental mood found in the music of the Karandila Orchestra). Anita's duende, the vibrations of her deep and sensual voice might well rival with the sweet sound of the not-so-popular-in-Bulgaria cymbal, played by Mutzi Aivazov (aged 75). Similarly, Ventzislav Takev's "golden violin" meets the lively rhythms of the Karandila Brass Orchestra from Sliven, headed by trumpet player Angel Tichaliev, a descendant from a long line of famous musicians. "With its drum beats reverberating the "second line" rhythms of New Orleans jazz, Karandila celebrates a Balkan music, which makes you believe jazz was not invented in America, but at Balkan weddings" - as Mr. Guenther Huesmann, German critic and artistic director of the Berlin "Jazz Across The Border" Festival enthusiastically remarked. The result is a sparkling mix of Balkan fusion, Oriental kyuchek and overseas jazz, which takes you to another dimension - that of the ever-bustling gypsy funfair...