Marockin' Brass

Marockin' Brass
Luc Mishalle & Driss Filali
Marockin Brass feat. Belgian National Orchestra
Babel Sound Festival (Hungary) 2019
Belgian World Music Meeting 2018
Brussels Jazz Weekend 2019
Beats & Pieces (2018)


Album: Beats & Pieces (2018)
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  • country:Belgium
  • region:Western Europe
  • style(s):Gnawa, Groove
  • label:MetX Moving Music
  • type:Band, Large Ensemble
  • gender:male, female, child
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, percussion, brass, unplugged
  • artist posted by:MetX Moving Music

Line up

  • Abdessamad Semlali (vocals, bendir)
  • Badr Darras (vocals, bendir)
  • Driss Filali (vocals, krakeb, sentir)
  • Eric Yovogan (trumpet)
  • Esinam Dogbatse (flute, percussion)
  • Jean Gnonlonfoun (drums, percussion)
  • Luc Mishalle (tenor & soprano saxophone)
  • Pascal Rousseau (tuba)
  • Véronique Delmelle (alto & baritone saxo)


Organic mix of gnawa & brass from Brussels

Marockin’ Brass is a gnawa-jazz band from Brussels defined by many international artistic exchanges. One can hear in the music of lead saxophonist and composer Luc Mishalle the result of a long-lasting love and a thorough analysis of (north)-African rhythms. On these rhythms, they layer their melodic lines that refer to jazz, contemporary music as well as to non-western musical vocabulary. The result is astonishingly fresh and sounds as if Brussels had always been a harbour at the Mediterranean sea.

In October 2018 the group released its 4th album Beats & Pieces. For this release, they teamed up with tunisian producer Sofyann Ben Youssef and drummer Roel Poriau. Previously Marockin' Brass also collaborated with saxophonist Trevor Watts (UK), djembé player Adama Dramé (BF) and jazz trumpeters Byron Wallen (UK) and Jean-Paul Estiévenart (BE). Their current line up features amongst others gnawa musicians Driss Filali, Badr Derras and Abdessamad Semlali and upcoming jazz talents like Esinam Dogbatse or Eric Yovogan.