Leo Gandelman

Leo Gandelman


Album Musica de Fronteira
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  • country:Brazil
  • region:Rio de Janeiro
  • style(s):Bossa Nova, Jazz
  • label:not signed
  • type:Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, woodwind, brass
  • artist posted by:Mf Produção & Distribuição

Line up

  • Leo Gandelman (Sax)


Saxophonist, arranger and producer, Leo Gandelman is today one of the most influential musicians in Brazil. He has achieved the wider world among the mainstream public, young, pop but also among the fans of classical music; due to the excellence and virtuosity of his music. He todays was chosen by the public for 15 consecutive years as “the Best Brazilian Musician” in the “Diretas Já” contest by Jornal do Brasil.

In the USA Leo’s work was successful where he developed a noticeable career in the last decade presenting for 6 times a full house at Blue Note NY. In 2001, Gandelman participated with the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra at the Lincoln Center and later at Central Park Stage. He was also with Symphony Orchestra in different cities around USA and Brasil. In 2015 he was invited as a solist of Moscow Symphony Orchestra for the project “Viva Bossa Nova”; performed the “Brasiliana 7″ by Radames Gnattali and “The Four Songs of the Amazon Forest”, by Heitor Villa Lobos. He continues with projects in classical music and popular music.

At Womex Gandelman presents 2 of his projects the 2016 album titled Old New Ideas which is a celebration of the 100th anniversary of samba and it is a tribute to saxophonist Casé. Also, Musica de Fronteira released in Brasil in 2015.


Música de Fronteira is a project that brings together Gandelman and the younger piano player, Eduardo Farias. Both full of sensibilities and virtuosities results excellence into the project. Leo Gandelman’s experience and his background in studying and performing classical and popular music, combined with Eduardo Farias’s vitality and youth at the piano demonstrates the pricelessness of the repertoire in creating a timeless unity between the composers interpreted. They expand the idea of a “border,” seeking new paths for improvisation and a realm of possibilities.

Old NEW ideas traces the path of a generation of saxophone players responsible for a uniquely brazilian language of improvisationational saxophone. Leo Gandleman is spearheading the project. He is not only a recognised soloist but has applied his skills to highlighting the history of the Brazilian sax repertory. The work represents the third step in Leo Gandelman’s charting of the paths that together form the Brazilian style of saxophone plaing. The first steps were “Radames and the Sax”( 2007 – Winner of “The Brazilian Music award as best CD and Production) and Northern Winds , where the musical influence of the northern sax players is explored. The music has been recreated live to maintain the characteristics that marked the transition from dancehall to sambajazz; the beat and free improvisation on classic samba themes, conducive to dancing.