Mika Karni - Kol Dodi

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Kol Dodi a special musical version to one of the world’s most beautiful love songs of all time “Shir Ha’Shirim” – The Biblical psalms.

Kol Dodi brings together a unique musical ensemble of Israeli Moroccan, Yemenite and Ethiopian musicians and singers, led by one of Israel’s all time favorite female vocalists – Mika Karni.

The ensemble’s special sound combines traditional Jewish melodies with African – Ethnic rhythms and a taste of folk/singer-songwriter qualities.

All this creates a musical landscape of Israel, a place where cultures from around the globe are combined to one.

Mika composed and re-arranged the original biblical lyrics, to convey the original story in a modern, intimate and personal way , which takes the listener to a deep and emotional experience.

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  • WOMEX 2012


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