A distinctive Māori voice

The WHIRI TŪ AKA Concept


Traditionally Inspired Māori Electronica
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Minaaka artists WAI and WHIRI TŪ AKA have been raising the awareness of Māori artistic expression nationally and internationally since 1999.

The fact that WAI and WHIRI TŪ AKA have performed at many high international profile events and have had extremely good press coverage worldwide is testament to the dedication and belief that we have in Māori language artistic expression.

By only performing 100% in Te Reo Māori we are one of the few original Māori music groups at the coal face of pioneering international opportunities for the development of original Māori language music.

The last 16 years has proven to us that our particular brand and style of music has huge potential for growth. We directly target lovers of music that sounds like where it originates, regardless of age, colour, race or creed. We decided long ago that WAI and WHIRI TŪ AKA wasn’t created to accommodate pubs and that ilk but to excel in concert halls and festival environments of the world. The next phase of our development will see WAI and WHIRI TŪ AKA broadening its audience in the Asian market and exploiting our achievements of the last 16 years. We believe our music is the perfect way to break down barriers and make people excited about other cultures because it is so immediately accessible.

WAI and WHIRI TŪ AKA are dedicated to the development and growth of our art and that we have a long-term vision of delivering a distinctive Māori voice to diverse and new international audiences.

The very nature of WAI and WHIRI TŪ AKA - the immense sound of the Poi, drums and the primal chanting, the colourful costumes, the sometimes martial, sometimes dance-like choreography, and the physical vibration you feel in the center of your body invariably draws people in.

article posted by:Mina Ripia, Minaaka Limited