Debut WHIRI TŪ AKA - Māori a-capella album out now



Mina Ripia, an artist and producer had a dream to create a Māori
a-capella body of work.

The WHIRI TŪ AKA concept.

In 2012 Mina approached four talented, beautiful, and powerful women to join her to create the WHIRI TŪ AKA concept. Joining Mina is Gaynor Rikihana, Kirsten Te Rito, Betty-Anne Monga and Lisa Tomlins.

As individual artists they bring a wealth of experience, dynamics, knowledge and passion to the creation of WHIRI TŪ AKA.

As a producer Mina strives to craft a distinctive Māori voice that is traditional in its inspiration, creativity, innovation and that is unique, authentic and sounds like where it originates Aotearoa,
New Zealand.

WHIRI TŪ AKA inspiration

Mina says... If I were asked to define motherhood, I would say ‘love’, in it's purest form. It is the hardest thing I have ever done and it has taught me how to love, unconditionally. Having a family and giving life to my most precious gift, Uta Te Whanga Whetuariki Johanson Ripia-McGregor, has inspired me to create this album of Māori a-capella waiata…”

"Ehara, taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa, takitini"
‘My strength is not that of a single warrior but that of the collective'

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article posted by:Mina Ripia, Minaaka Limited