Acetre Live
Arquitecturas Rayanas


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  • country:Spain
  • style(s):Folk, Traditional
  • label:Producciones Mirmidón
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Mirmidón Productions

Line up

  • Ana Jiménez (Voice)
  • Ana Márquez (Voice)
  • Antonio Leyras (Bass)
  • Fran González (Battery)
  • Inés Romero (Accordion)
  • José-Tomás Sousa (Acoustic guitar, composition and direction)
  • Laura Ferrera (Violin)
  • Paco Croche (Percussions)
  • Víctor Asensio (Flutes, bagpipes and clarinet extremeña)


Created in 1976, Acetre is one of the oldest and iconic within the panorama folk of Extremadura groups and their music is essential to understand the trajectory of the folk music of recent years both within their region and in the rest of Spain.
Music creation and renewal on a rich traditional base join his long experience as musicians, to hit a gear instrumental and vocal quality able to open new horizons in the music inspired by traditional roots.
Place of origin, Olivenza (Badajoz) gives them the "bicultural" characteristic of such a spontaneous and simple way that could only be explained knowing born from the essential, from the base of vital learning. Thus, in their interpretations they combine perantones, pindongos, festive tunes or extremeñas dawns, with verdegaios, Portuguese fado or corridiños. A well used combination that results in one of the most exquisite in what we now call tradition renewed sounds.
His artistic philosophy of feel the music as a legacy to which they bring their particular semantics, interpreting it with courage and beauty indisputable vocal with instrumentation that rubs shoulders with subtle harmonies and compositions that receive ancient melodies with a large dose of language experimentation opens up new paths to roots music.
Acetre has composed and performed the soundtrack to the animated film "Legend of the Unicorn" (Extra S.A.) 2001, nominated for the Goya awards as best animated film. This film was also awarded the Silver Medal at the 35th International Film Festival of Houston, one of the most prestigious film festivals in USA.
He has participated in the soundtrack of the film "Any time spent ..." (Extreme productions) 2001.
He has also appeared on several national television programs as "radio concerts 3" on TVE 2, "Headlines" and "mandrake".
Concert presentation of his album Barrunto from the Teatro Romano Merida was transmitted to Europe and America in September 2003 by the international channel TVE.
Acetre have gone through major festivals and Spanish and European stages: Universal Expo in Hannover / Germany (2000), Folk Segovia, Fair Ovibeja (Portugal, 2000), Encontros musicais of mediterrânica Tradição (Évora / Portugal 1998), WOMAD (Cáceres, 2000 ) Strictly Mundial (Zaragoza, 2000), international book Fair (Havana / Cuba, 2001), Parapanda Folk (Granada, 2001), Mercat de Música of Vic (2001), Festival of Lucerne (Switzerland, 2003), WOMAD United Kingdom (2009).