Alejandra Guzmán, known as ‘The Rock Queen’ or ‘The Queen of Hearts’ in Mexico is preparing her tour ‘Reynísima’ in Europe to celebrate her 35 years of successful musical career, more than 30 millions of sold albums in Latin America, USA, Mexico and Europe, and winner of a Latin Grammy award in 2002 for her album ‘Soy’ (‘I am’).

Considered one of the most important, boldest performers of Mexican musical history, Alejandra Guzmán stands out as a rock singer in Spanish language, though she also likes her meddling in Latin pop, such as her mass tours along with Paulina Rubio and Gloria Tevi.

Alejandra Guzmán pops out because of her personality and sensuality on stage, and her incredible ‘hoarse’ alto voice. Her songs, both rock songs and ballads, have sincere, clear lyrics about those topics she is more interested in, such as love and heartache. Among her most known tracks are ‘Yo te esperaba’, ‘Día de suerte’, and ‘Hacer el amor con otro’.

She has released more than 20 best-selling albums, made 19 world tours and received 28 Gold Records, 13 Platinum Records, has more than 40 awards and more than 60 nominations for recognised awards, such as Grammy awards, Latin Grammy awards, Billboard Latin Music Awards, Latin American Music Festival, and Premio ERES.

The Mexican singer will start 2024 with many surprises and amusical renewal. 'La Guzmán' will demonstrate all her maturity as an artist, with a new show in which she will offer a review of the best songs that have stood out in her career of more than three decades. Fast-paced music and with many surprises for the audience.