"De ayer mañana" - Eliseo Parra

Eliseo Parra
  • artist:Eliseo Parra
  • release year:2005
  • style(s):Ethnic, Folk
  • country:Spain
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Mirmidón Productions
  • label:World Village


DE AYER MAÑANA (From Yesterday Tomorrow). A sentence -already in disuse - that was used to locate what was in the past, it serves for regular a current work with future projection.

"I need to know of where I come to know me better, and that at the beginning was a search of my authentic culture, it has become the recognition of such a firm music that no composer can overcome.

The traditional music, that in the first place an individual composed (and not to make money), him delivery to the people, this makes it his and leaves it passing his descendants as an inheritance until it arrives to us refined as a jewel by force of following it singing, without promotional campaigns neither market monopolies, this way I recapture it, I recreate it the best thing that I know and I pass it to the following ones.

But I have not been alone in the task of recording the themes of this record, the band that habitually accompanies me, substitutes and invited, they have polished this work in an unquestionable way.

To them and those that came before I owe them part of what I am". Eliseo Parra.

With this declaration Eliseo Parra presents to us its new project, a record and a direct one more surprising, if it is possible, that his previous works.

Eliseo Parra and their band, with more force and vitality, fruit of several years without pauses in the scenarios, brings us a new one direct… fresh, vital, contagious, with new themes and fusions that will surprise more even of than he has us accustomed.

Certainly, Eliseo Parra has consolidated as the Spanish artist with more international projection, showing the variety and richness of our music.


Natural of Sardón de Duero (Valladolid), their musical term begins in Barcelona at the end of the sixty as battery - singer in rock groups.

In 1971 it registers their first long-play with the group Mi Generación; a disk of songs characteristic with an important vocal development. During six years it combines the work of this group with the solfeggio study and harmony in the Municipal Conservatory of Barcelona. Toward 1976 he enters to be part of the Movida Zeleste with the band of Catalan jazz BLAY TRITONO and later with the RONDALLA DE LA COSTA.

In 1979 it records with María del Mar Bonet the disk of topics traditional of Mallorca Saba de Terrer, and then it collaborates with her in their disk Gavines and Dragons again. That same year he moves to Valencia to be part from the group AL TALL with which Cancos de Vi y Taberna had already collaborated in the disk and it intervenes as composer and arranger, besides interpreter in the L.P. La Batalle d'Almansa.

In 1980 it returns to Barcelona to study harmony in the recently created Classroom of Jazz and Latin Percussion with the unforgettable Pedrito Díaz. La "salsa" entered very strong in the Count City and, already as singer - percussionist, was different orchestras' part of those that is necessary to highlight SARDINETA, group of international projection that recorded a disk of own topics. Later, La Sonora Catalana, La Platería, La Negra,... While it collaborates as instrumentalist or composer in recordings and artists' recitals like Marina Rossell, Ovidi Montllor, Pilfers and Gato Pérez among others.

In 1983, after a tour for United States and Canada, he moves to Madrid to make reality a musical project of traditional root next to a group that it called MOSAIC.

In 1984 the first disk went homage to the great musician and folklorist of Segovia Agapito Marazuela with topics of its Songbook.

In 1985 a second disk of own topics inspired by the Spanish traditional music. Up to 1987 they act for the whole country, France, Italy and Denmark. From 1988 at 1991 acts in solitary for Spain, Italy and Morocco - intervenes in two programs of TV of the serious "La Copla" - one of them next to Joan Manuel Serrat - and he works as advisory musical in a program of TV of the national network.

He is producing, arranger and composer in the disks of La Gaira, Elisa Serna, Angel Carril and María Salgado, to mention some.

In 1992 it records their first disk in loner that with the title AL-BEDRIO appears in 1993, acting with their group in Spain, Switzerland and Israel.

In the Christmas 1994 a new titled disk appears ARRAIGO, with seventeen topics of the most beautiful salmantin tradition and with a computer treatment almost in its entirety.

During 1995 he teaches song and traditional percussion - it composes and it records the music of the suite " Romance " for traditional instruments and it orchestrates that he uses for the first time the National Ballet of Spain next to the Symphonic orchestra from Madrid in the Theater of the Operetta in September of 1996. At the same time and together with Susana Weich-Shahak and José Manuel Fraile Gil, carries out a series of recitals - he confers on sefardí music that were registered in double CD titled ARBOLERAS

In December of 1996 He represents Spain, in the Forum of Mediterranean Culture taken place in Jerusalem.

In 1997 He participates as arranger and musician in the disk of traditional music of Sudan of artist Rasha.

He begins to record Tribus Hispanas together with Juan Alberto Arteche and Javier Paxariño that will come out in 1998 getting the 1st Premio Villa de Madrid.

From 1999 to 2001 acts for Europe and Morocco.

The Compañía Ibérica de Danza makes the choreography of various of their topics, that they are taken and sung in direct by Spain, Mexico, Holland and the India.

He has participated as producer or musician in artists' projects like Ángel Carril, María Salgado, Alboka, Oskorri, Azarbe, Les Violines…

In March of 2002 comes out to the market Viva Quien Sabe Querer.

He Composes the music for Lope de Vega work “Peribáñez y el Comendador de Ocaña” acting with the National Company of Classic Theater.

Along 2003 – 2004, he acts with his band for Europe and Brazil.

He imparts classes in the School of Folklore Plaza de Castilla de Madrid.

This year 2005 will see the light their new work: De ayer mañana (World Village – Harmonia Mundi).