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  • country:Spain
  • region:Galicia
  • style(s):Songwriter, World
  • label:Altafonte
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:singer songwriter
  • artist posted by:Mirmidón Productions

Line up

  • SABELA GALBÁN (Choirs, flute, bagpipes, accordion and percussion)


SÉS presents ‘Diante un Eco’, her eighth album in an extraordinary 11-year-old career. An album full of her truth, a return to her beginnings from maturity.

If there is one thing we can highlight about SÉS, it is her enormous charisma and personal strength. A unique sound that characterises her, her powerful live performance and the quality of her songs endorse her as one of the main references of the Galician music scene.

The Galician singer-songwriter and producer SÉS has a defined style of her own, the result of a mixture in which converge—with precise doses—all ingredients needed to obtain an original, genuine outcome: rock’n’roll, oral tradition and a cadence of Latin American songwriters. A concoction in which a brave, vigorous and necessary discourse finds its place.

‘Diante un eco’ (Altafonte) is a solid reaffirmation of popular aesthetics of which the singer-songwriter is considered lover and debtor, unabashed, without sacrificing the poetical quality that defines her. With this new work, SÉS comes back when she started through a more experimented perspective. Her newness and casual sound make her chronicle lyrics call to clarity, but from a joyful, optimistic approach.

About her career

Maríz Xosé Silvar, SÉS, was born in A Coruña (Galicia), and has a degree in Galicia Philology and Social Anthropology. She grew up musically in traditional Galician folklore. In 2011, she released her first album, ‘Admirando a condición’, which she took to stages throughout Europe and Latin America. Her intense personality and honesty on stage have conquered the audience with a richness of energy that cries out for union, solidarity and challenging the establishment.

In June 2013 she presented her second album, ‘Co xenio destrozado’ at Teatro Principal de Santiago de Compostela, and in 2015 her third album, ‘Tronzar os valos’, was released. In November 2016, she launched her single ‘A Paz Esquiva’, prelude to her fourth album ‘Opoñerse á extinción’, published in December 2016.

One year later, in November 2017, she presented the single ‘Readmirando a condición’ preview of her fifth studio album, which gathers the songs of her first album, ‘Admirando a condición’ (2011), too; those she decided to re-record, though in this occasion the tracks were musicalized and arranged by SÉS herself, who was also musical producer and manager.

Sixth work was ‘Rabia ao Silencio’ (2019) with record label Altafonte, formed by a repertory of “popular, folk or songwriter” songs adapted by the singer-songwriter. All of them are tied to “a people from who flowed and nourished”. In fact, Argentinian Atahualpa Yupanki sang the song ‘Rabia ao Silencio’. For this album, SÉS chose songs with a history behind, such as Uruguay and Argentina dictatorships, Benedetti’s lyrics, Galician migration seen by Fuxan os Ventos or songs condemning Afro-American community racial discrimination in the 30s. “It is more than a typical work; it is conceived as a tribute for the people who left us great values, besides, in a socio-political miserable and artistically poor time”.

In her previous album, ‘Liberar as arterias’ (2020), SÉS keeps and improves her brave message, and goes across America from North to South, all filtered by her soul of a Cantareira.