Red Baraat live - credits Richard Gastwirt
Red Baraat at Akbank Jazz Festival 2017
Red Baraat live
  • country:USA
  • region:New York City
  • style(s):Brass, Bhangra
  • label:Rhyme & Reason
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:brass
  • artist posted by:moonray-concerts

Line up

  • Chris Eddleton (drums)
  • John Altieri (Sousaphone)
  • Jonathan Goldberger (guitar)
  • Jonathon Haffner (sax)
  • Sonny Singh (trumpet, vocals)
  • Sunny Jain (dhol)


Red Baraat is a pioneering eight-piece band from Brooklyn, New York. Conceived by Sunny Jain, the group has drawn worldwide praise for its singular sound — “rollicking funk music steeped in Northern India’s wedding celebrations, with a dash of D.C. go-go beats and hip-hop” (NPR). Created with no less a purposeful agenda than manifesting joy and unity in all people, Red Baraat’s spirit is worn brightly on its sweaty and hard-worked sleeve. And is being returned to them in cities all over the world, as word spreads of the band’s incredibly powerful live performances.

“The best party band in years” – NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO (NPR)

“There was a raucous finale. The last set belonged to Red Baraat, a Brooklyn brass band that
looks to South Asia, pumping out Bollywood tunes and Sufi songs with a crackling beat (from the
two headed dhol drum) and the muscle of horns blasting in unison, putting some New York
bluster atop faraway roots.”