Marja Mortensson (Norway)

Marja Mortensson (Norway)


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Marja Mortensson
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  • country:Norway
  • region:Sápmi
  • style(s):Indigenous, Joik
  • label:not signed
  • type:Duo, Trio, Symphony Orchestra
  • instrumentation:vocal, string, jazz combo
  • artist posted by:Mortensson, Marja

Line up

  • Daniel Herskedal (tuba & bass trumpet)
  • Jakop Janssoenn (drums)
  • Marja Mortensson (joik, vocals)


Showcase Times:
Wednesday 21 October 18:30 CEST
Wednesday 21 October 21:00 CEST

Part of a welcome renaissance of Saami culture in Northern Europe, Marja Mortensson is dedicated to keeping the ancient and endangered language and yoiking tradition of her South Saami background alive. The South Saami language is today spoken by less than five hundred people, and although Marja stems from a long line of traditional reindeer herders, her family had stopped yoiking several generations ago. Following her instinctive connection, she began to research, rediscover and reclaim her heritage, collecting and composing yoiks as well as her own South Saami language songs dealing with identity, the environment and the dangers of losing connection to both. In her duo she teams up with the remarkable musician Daniel Herskedal, who conjures up unique sonorities on tuba and bass trumpet, and in her trio both of them are accompanied by the subtly expressive embellishments of Saami percussionist, Jakop Janssoenn.

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