"Mojhtestasse - Cultural Heirlooms" - Marja Mortensson

Marja Mortensson
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  • artist:Marja Mortensson
  • featured artist:Marja Mortensson, Daniel Herskedal, Jakop Janssønn
  • region:Sápmi
  • release year:2018
  • style(s):Indigenous, Joik
  • country:Norway
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record posted by:Mortensson, Marja
  • label:Vuelie
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This release started as a project where Marja Mortensson traveled in the South and Ume Sámi language area and collected old yoiks hidden in various archives. On the new album the yoiks are brought to light, through traditional a cappella versions as well as arranged versions and new compositions that give the tradition new life.The music is conveyed with the masterful qualities the trio possesses both instrumentally and vocally, and becomes timeless music which touches you deeply.
The unique trio, featuring Daniel Herskedal on tuba/bass trumpet and Jakop Janssønn on percussion, creates an intimate setting and a lovely soundstage. The album presents Marja’s voice, the music and its roots in a completely new and stunning way!