photocredit: Thekla Ehling
photocredit: Thekla Ehling


Greek dance
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Comp. Ara Dinkjian, Arr. Athina Kontou
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  • country:Germany
  • region:Mediterranean
  • style(s):Greek, Jazz
  • label:nWog-Records
  • type:Band
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:jazz combo
  • artist posted by:Mother

Line up

  • Athina Kontou (bass)
  • Dominik Mahnig (Drums)
  • Koray Berat Sari (Baglama, Lavta, Oud)
  • Lucas Leidinger (Piano)
  • Luise Volkmann (Saxophone)


Athina Kontou´s project "Mother" is about the story of a musician who was born to greek parents in Frankfurt, Germany and considers both countries her home. With this ensemble she arranges pieces from the greek music culture - traditional and contemporary, songs and dances - and builds a link between her identity as a jazz musician and her greek roots. The traditional songs are enriched with contemporary soundscapes and the music that emerges speaks intuitively to the audience from a very personal point of view. The core of her work is the search for the connecting elements of different cultures, as she herself is a border crosser between the different musical cultures.
With her three fellow musicians Luise Volkmann, Dominik Mahnig and Lucas Leidinger she forms a colourful and lively sound body. Their debut „Tzivaeri“ was released in August 2022 on nWog-Records and was nominated for the german Critics Award (Preis der deutschen Schalplattenkritik) and the German Jazz Award (Deutscher Jazzpreis).


"Tzivaeri" - Mother