Kimaany all roots


kimaany was born in bandjoun a village in the ouest of cameroun on 5 february1972. the kimaany family menbers of the bamileke tribe are descended from the legendary warriors chief tayimkam who figth in the colonial time to keep the tribe save from the colonial system. kimaany develloped a passionate interest in music and when he got his first living certificate and was on his way to the secondary school he decided to end whith his study and follow is passion . by 1992 kimaany decided to stop figting whith the familly especialy his mother who dos not want to hear anything about music and he left bafoussam to douala . he meat gregory alem who was a reggea entertained and he encourage him to go in the studio kimaany started recording his firts album at the dobell studio in douala and the album save africa was release in 2001. the album receive the best reggea album awards in cameroon and 2 years after in 2003 he open 4 alpha blondy at the reunification stadium in douala 45,000 fans turned out and that was the firts big kimaany experience. kimaany tour in cameroon in the tearm figth against malaria and after so many african contries 7 years after he just release his second album tree of justice by the records label dulce records who is based in florida united states of america. at the same time the fans of africa and europe would soon have the opportinuty to have the album africa is talking who content the 10 songs available in tree of justice whith 4 new brand bonus tracks . u can buy kimaany album on itunes stores and of cause to kimaany records label africa is talking was recording between zwitzerland paris and douala. reggea bring back love. peace. --