Hazelius Hedin

Hazelius Hedin

Line up

  • Esbjörn Hazelius (Vocals, Cittern, Guitar, Octave-Mandolin)
  • Johan Hedin (Nyckelharpa)


Friday 28/10/11 23:00 | Koncerthuset: Nordic Club (Studio 4)

The two protagonists of this dazzling duo are already well-known figures on the Swedish folk music landscape. Esbjoern Hazelius is not only one of the country's leading folk singers, he's also a sought after instrumentalist and arranger and is one of the leading experts on Irish music in Scandinavia. Johan Hedin is one of Sweden's foremost nyckelharpa players and has worked on further developing this centuries old instrument, building new models in different registers. Individually they have participated in countless recordings and projects as well as producing their own solo albums. Together they mine the rich vein of Swedish medieval ballads, sailor songs, love ballads and instrumental dance tunes, producing vibrantly fresh arrangements and inspiring original compositions informed by both Irish and Scandinavian traditions.