multicult radio + medienproduktionen gUG come together. live together. broadcast together.

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Radio is the successor of the former public radio channel "radiomultikulti" (RBB).

Founded in December 2008 as a web radio and running a 24/7 program ever since, VHF broadcasting started 2010. Thus multicult2.0 became 'On air' in Berlin on 91,0 Alex. contributes to the perception of Berlin as an open-minded European metropolis. Like no other medium in this city we build upon an international team of journalists and a global network of partners and correspondents, from Eastern Asia to South America. We work continuously on the improvement of these media bridges. presents the multimedial platform of a pulsating region. Making radio: multicultural, interactive and visionary. means multicultural: the offers of the media for the special needs of immigrant communities are inadequate. Also, there are striking deficits with the promotion of media competence among immigrants -or as we'd prefer to say: Neu-Deutsche.

At Multicult Plaza, at Café ON AIR and in the open spaces of the editorial rooms of the intercultural radio, participants can meet, exchange words, discuss or celebrate in the middle of Berlin's traditional Marheineke Market Hall. Here a coexistence of fugitives and the multicultural host society becomes commonplace - conflicts included.

Together with the project partners creates a framework designed to: overcome prejudices, discover common areas of action, build networks and actively form the process of integration


participating in

  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo


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