"Debut Album POLARIS Out Now" - Folkatomik

Polaris by Folkatomik


Folkatomik is a new player on the global sound folktronica scene. Established in Turin (Italy) in 2019, the quartet blends avant-garde electronica with traditional music from southern Italy, the Mediterranean, and other eclectic sources.

On stage, the band features a wealth of traditional percussion, wind, and string instruments. The result is an original sound and a live performance, including thrilling vocals, that make you dance, and reconnect with the deep and the ancient through the power of electronica and tarantella & pizzica - a musical and ritual dance form used in the ancient past to liberate people (especially women) from malignant spirits after a bite of Tarantula spider. ​

Their debut album "Polaris" has been produced by ItalySona and is available on all platforms from June 24, 2022.

​The band will be available for live shows all through Fall/Winter 2022 and Spring/Summer 2023.