"Tawassol" - GABACHO MAROC

Tawassol by Gabacho Maroc


Tawassol is the second opus of one of the most exciting newest world/fusion bands of the moment: Gabacho Maroc (All African Music Awards nominee, 2015).

Tawassol travels far and travels well - from Sub-Saharan Africa, the Maghreb and Morocco to the rest of the world. The band lays before us a grand sonic banquet and fascinating musical tapestry that is a continuation of their debut album Bissara (2014, Label Oued).

Tawassol means 'connection' in Arabic. And the connections of Gabacho Maroc are many - from traditional Moroccan music, to afrojazz, reggae, electro and trance. On the album, the rhythms, moods, colors and perfumes are taken from many various sources. Tawassol is all about bringing those strands in a fresh, vibrant and contemporary whole, and seeing where it takes.

In this album, special guests Jean-Philippe Rykiel(France), Pascuala Ilabaca (Chile), Ermanno Panta (Sicily) and Mixel Ducau (Basque Country) bring their own touch on three tracks.