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  • artist:Luca Bassanese
  • featured artist:Stefano Florio, Elodie Lebigre, Antonio Fraioli, aDede Sonya Agbodan, Atsougan Dzinyefa Atilassiioli ,
  • region:Mediterranean
  • release year:2019
  • style(s):Chansons, World Pop
  • country:Italy
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Music4you + World Music Lab
  • label:Ola Ola Production
  • publisher:Stefano Florio
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LIBERIAMO L’ELEFANTE (Free the Elephant Within Us)

"The elephant represents the potential that is within us. By freeing ourselves from our fears, we could unleash a whole bunch of positive and creative energy.“

If you did not hear of Luca Bassanese before this album, here is a good reason to get curious about

When you hear real music, you get lost in it because it sounds good to the ears and the heart. This is what happens with the new album of Italian singer and songwriter Luca Bassanese, who is a uniquely vital and generative artist. Beyond the words and the music, Luca invites us to “Free the elephant within us” – a kind of call to action to look at rhe world, and people around us, with different eyes and a positive attitude. Remarkable recall power and social knowledge, researchers believe, is a big part of how elephants survive.

Luca, who has released eleven albums and is emerging on the European music scene as a fusion between Goran Bregovic and Mano Chao in a pure Commedia dell’Arte style, is the main character of the new socially committed Italian popular music. While passionately opposed to racism, economic austerity, political insanity, technological slavery, global warming, genetically modified seeds, corporate greed-heads who are despoiling Mother Nature and an assortment of other sinners who interfere with our God-given right to happiness, Luca seeks to unveil the beauty of what we have been left with. For him, there is no reason to get depressed or defeated. The message is clear: “Don't let your fears refrain you from reaching your potential. Be creative. Protect your dreams. Care for the people and the environment. Free the elephant within you.”

This new album of Luca may become a milestone in his career. Each song has such a poetic power and cognitive content, that the feeling is one of wonder. Both the lyrics and music are so affecting and effective. For sure some shall come to mean a lot to certain people. The video clip of “Credo in una scuola” (I believe in a different school) has already been viewed by more than 400 000 people on FB and shared 8 000 times in only three weeks. All songs of the album have given birth to a video clip. Most of them are available on Luca’s social media channels, and more will come.

Welcome to the journey!

By Eric E. Van Monckhoven of Music4You