COVID-19 - Livestreaming. Here's how you can prepare


At Music4You, we hope you, your family and colleagues are safe and well and taking all the necessary actions to stay that way at this extraordinary time.

Our heart goes out to the many who are facing an uncertain future as venues close and tour dates are cancelled.

Any crisis brings also opportunities. We'll need to be more creative and supportive to each other than ever. But we'll make it.

This is a great time to stay with our family, especially with the kids and the elderly. We can of course work online too. Many artists are already offering virtual showcases and streaming live happenings from their bedroom or studio.

While not being sure of what will be coming for us next as a booking agency, we are happy to share with you this Virtual Music Tool Directory ‚Äč

#staypositive #stayhealthy #stayathome

March 20 (from the Covid-19 Red Zone of Sicily, Italy)

article posted by:Eric van Monckhoven, Music4you + World Music Lab