Gabacho Maroc to perform at Oslo World

Gabacho Maroc | Tawassol Tour | Northern Europe
Gabacho Maroc Live

Tawassol Tour by Gabacho Maroc.

Next stop: Oslo

October 31, 2019

Rikscen, Oslo World Music Festival

“Tawassol” is filled to the brim with fresh ideas. A varied set of songs, showcasing a sharp horn section with strong soloists, a rhythm section where traditional and modern instruments find common ground, synthesizers, rap verses, echo drenched guitars, memorable interludes and large choruses. It can sound a bit overwhelming, but Gabacho Maroc finds a way of making it work, an inner logic which makes great music out of the creative surplus. They are fully capable of blowing minds, and they have made converts out of concert goers all over the world. New ones will definitely join the pack at Oslo World this year.

article posted by:Eric van Monckhoven, Music4you + World Music Lab