Luca Bassanese's New Single: Survival song in time of Covid-19

luca bassanese
luca bassanese

Amid widescale cancellation of tour dates and closure of venues across the globe in an attempt to stem the spread of coronavirus, many artists have turned to live streaming on social platforms in an effort to comfort their fans and combat social distancing.

Broadcasting live with an accordion and a guitar from his living room in Padova, the European Capital of Volunteering, Italian new musical hero Luca Bassanese has already spent in the last days more than 35 hours (#maratonabassanese) sharing music and poetry with his community of fans and supporters made of people of all creeds, ages, and backgrounds.

In Luca’s daily appointments on Facebook or Youtube, there is a sense of heartfelt warmth, timelessness, of no beginning or end. People come and join the conversation by hundreds because they feel it’s a great atmosphere to be immersed in. While medics and nurses are on the front-line in hospitals, with Luca, people have an opportunity to bring the best of themselves, share their love and stories of resistance thanks to Luca’s music healing power. A song and a smile can be more contagious than the coronavirus.

In his new single “Passerà” (It Will Pass), that is released today, and follows “Home Sweet Home” that came out in February, Luca’s message is clear: stay strong, healthy, creative and positive and stay home. “It will pass….you’ll see we’ll go through this together…It will pass. I don’t know when and how, but you’ll see…it will pass”. A living room, a voice, a guitar, an accordion, three cats and the many faces of Luca’s community are just the perfect setting for the video clip that goes with the song.

Luca Bassanese and his producer and guitarist Stefano Florio feel like to be on a mission - to inspire people and stimulate them to walk their life in beauty. Music and poetry are the tools of what they see as a healing and teaching process. They made the words of Saint Augustin “Those who sing pray twice” their own. For them, producing good songs and music can enlighten and liberate people, inform, motivate and make them strong in finding creative solutions.

The journey started more than a decade ago when Luca released the album “La Società dello Spettacolo” (The Show Business Society). Since then, Luca has released twelve albums, including a live recorded at Nyon’s Paléo Festival in 2018 with the partnership of the European Broadcasting Union.

A fusion between Fabrizo De Andre, Manu Chao and Goran Bregovic, with a Fellini-inspired mindset, Luca is part of the new committed Italian popular music. His live performances make you feel good – about yourself, the others and the planet. You might not understand a word, but no matter. The trumpeting wakeup call is there and is talking to the best of yourself.

#staystrong #stayhealthy #staypositive #stayhome

article posted by:Eric van Monckhoven, Music4you + World Music Lab