Akoustikòs Vol.1 by Agricantus (2018)
Akoustikòs _Agricantus_ La Sicilia


by Agricantus (CNI Music - 2018)
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Breathtaking New Album - Akoustikòs-Vol.1

After some years of silence, the Sicilian transglobal folk explorers Agricantus return with a breathtaking new album born of their meeting with amazing Sicilian singer/pianist Anita Vitale.

Akoustikòs is both a recording and live project.

Crispi-Rivera-Lo Cascio-Vitale have managed to extrapolate eleven gems from Agricantus omnia repertoire and to present them with new arrangements of organic quality. Akoustikòs is the landmark here. And it swings like crazy!

The album starts with such tracks as "Carizzi r'amuri", "Azalai", "Istanbul ururken" (written with Pivio, De Scalzi and Ozpetek) and "Qanat". There is some brilliance in the interpretation. "Ciavula" is a favorite tune to many. All tracks flow swifltly. The other tracks ("Manu su manu", "Cantu Errami", "Sentimentu", "Nsunnai" and "Sentu") are perfect too. 'Sentu' is maybe the most popular with the public, at least in Italy, due to the fact that it became the soundtrack of a TV series dedicated to "Felicia Impastato".

The last song 'Jura' is perhaps more Mediterranean, a kind of call from the island and an invitation to cross borders and look forward - the sort of spirit that has accompanied the band since its genesis, more than three decades ago, and through the band's many phases of growth and development, from a research group and local band to international touring and recording artists.

article posted by:Eric van Monckhoven, Music4you + World Music Lab