Svjata Vatra
Juhan Suits
Ruslan Trochynskyi
Viljandi Folk Music Festival 2015-Vabadus-Freedom
svjata vatra 2017
svjata vatra 17
fotosesion 2018
fotosesion 2018
Svjata Vatra 2018 pohto by Renee Altrov


bluegrass, rock roll, punk, ukrainian trad
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The song, being polyphonic by nature, inspired the musicians to fuse folk, rock, funk and indie and use ukrainian clay ocarina (called “zozulia”) toge
  • Letila Zozulia
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Line up

  • Juhan Suits (Estonian bagpipes, wooden horn, whistle, vocal, j)
  • Karl-Heinrich Arro ( Drums, Percussion.)
  • Peeter Priks (Acoustic guitar)
  • Ruslan Trochynskyi (Vocal, trombone, scythe)


Prepare for a blast of folk rock brought to you by Cossack and Vikings, i.e. Ruslan Trochynskyi and his band SVJATA VATRA!
Svjata Vatra had an unique concert at icebreaker ship ''Tarmo'' at Tallinn Maritime Days 2018 Svjata Vatra concert teaser 2018 and photos from icebreaker ship
live video from Viljandi Folk Music Festival 2017 link and 2014 link.

A husky lead voice, trombone and scythe, bagpipes and jew’s harp together produce a pagan rite no audience can resist. The Ukranian-Estonian group play folk music with a punk attitude while keeping it authentic, as their popular shows at European festivals or the occasional Viking ship and Icebreaker ship prove.You shall not remain seated.
Svjata Vatra, in translation "Holy Fire", based in Estonia, has performed during 13 years in 20 European countries, USA and Canada. Svjata Vatra's song "Kalyna" was awarded us a best folk song in Estonia 2009.
Being an alumni of several showcase festivals incl Budapest Ritmo 2016 (showcase festival from WoOMEX partner Hangveto), Tallinn Music Week (6 times), Eurosonic 2010 and Folk Alliance International at Kansas City USA 2018. They'd definitely get your audience in a festive mood!
Since 2006 they've been making people dance and breaking down walls by demonstrating shared roots trought music, released 6 CD-s and one DVD.
Svjata Vatra's song "Pane mind põlema" is used at American TV Series "Seal Team" 2017 (series 104 "Ghosts of Christmas Future").

Svjata Vatra’s 6th studio album “Changes” is moving towards positive changes in life by calling them to life!
Svjata Vatra has released in May 2018 a new CD "Muutused/Zminy" (Changes ENG).
The bands sixth record is literally riding the winds of change – Svjata Vatra joined forces with German record label Nordic Notes! In co-operation with the head of the label Christian Pliefke, Svjata Vatra's fiery souls are taking the world by storm with our Estonian-Ukrainian Cossack-Viking energy!
Furthermore - while preparing the material for the CD earlier this year, Svjata Vatra found time to visit the USA for the first time for an important showcase Folk Alliance International in Kansas City. And at the time of recording the material, the bands first in-studio music video was recorded.
The presentation tour of the new record began on The European Independent Film Festival in Paris, France, continues in Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and on numerous summer festivals.

Svjata Vatra’s single and video “Letila Zozulia”(Flying cuckoo ENG) video link and audio link originally polyphonic Ukrainian folk song inspired musicians to mix different styles: folk, rock, funky, indie and use Ukrainian ocarina (zozulia) together jew’s harp.

Wolves attempts to catch a horse have been caught on camera by Svjata Vatra's single and video "Hobusemäng" (The Horse Game ENG) video link. Video is a sequel to the Viljandi lake series started by "Zozulja" in winter 2017.
Early one autumn morning, when fog is rising from the lake, a dream-like story is rolling - a story of looking for a partner... and possibly finding one.
"Hobusemäng" is a well known Estonian young people's singing game, where a young man is challenged to find and catch the right girl. Svjata Vatra's pipes and trombone have actually been heard playing this song earlier - in 2010, when it was performed during the Sail-Shadow Theatre project on the ship Emajõe lodi. Seven years later and with a new line-up, the piece was completely reborn and got released as a radio single.

Svaja Vatra’s single and video “Jihav kozak za dunaj”(The Cossack Rode Beyond the Danube ENG) link video gives the first taste of the direction where the new album is heading.
The single “The Cossack Rode Beyond the Danube” is one of the most well known Ukranian traditional song of all time. Even after 300 years the song has remained very close to heart to Ukranian national heritage.
The song is about an ancient story. Cossack is on it’s way to war. He leaves his long loved wife at home in tears. Cossack’s mission in war is actually not about the battle itself. It’s about making a better and brighter future to his family and the one he loves. The belief in love is the reason what brings him back home safely.
The same piece has inspired many well known composers through different times. One of the best examples is Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Schöne Minka”. Estonians who lived in Siberia brought back similar song called “Kallimale” (EST) “To Dearest” (ING).
Svjata’s video “Jihav kozak za dunaj” (UKR) is the band’s first official studio video. The video’s main idea is to show the making progress of a cohesive band. The four members of the band have but their creativity together to make a powerful song and power is all that Svjata Vatra is all about!