The music theatre company Operomanija

The music theatre company Operomanija
Have a Good Day!
  • country:Lithuania
  • style(s):Contemporary
  • label:The music theatre company Operomanija
  • type:Composer/Songwriter, Music Theatre Production
  • artist posted by:Music Lithuania

Line up

  • Rūta Vitkauskaitė, Jens Hedman, Åsa Nord (concepts & compositions)
  • Vaiva Grainytė, Lina Lapelytė, Rugilė Ba (concepts & compositions)


OPEROMANIJA is a production house and multidisciplinary art movement founded in 2008 in Lithuania. Among its projects, the opera Have a Good Day! has garnered acclaim and achieved worldwide success. The work is equal parts social justice and entertainment, and one critic praised it as ‘clever, charming and quietly subversive.’

At the festival Operadagen Rotterdam 2017 (an associated event of Classical:NEXT) OPEROMANIJA is going to present two opera productions: Have a Good Day! and Confessions.

The opera Have a Good Day! focuses on the inner lives of cashiers in a shopping centre. Faceless, robot-like shop workers found in everyday life are transformed into unique and lively characters. The mosaic of different destinies is transformed into one poem suggesting the pleasure of consumption. To avoid any moral or condemnatory suggestion, a critical attitude towards capitalism is expressed through humor, paradox, irony and poetry. The opera has received national and international awards (including main prize at the international competition "Music Theatre NOW"), and is widely touring through the continents, its libretto is translated into 11 languages.

The makers behind the special performance of Confessions met up a few years ago with one communal goal in mind. That is to say, to create an opera in the dark. The three makers based their libretto on the seven mortal sins and offer the (blind-folded) audience plenty of food for thought. Visiting the performance is an extremely intense experience. Being without sight reinforces the other senses, such as hearing and smell. The big question is whether all of the sounds that you appear to hear really exist. Immerse yourself in a creative experiment in the dark!