Music Mayday Tanzania

"The Sounds of Tomorrow" is an EU sponsored project which supports the development of a public music training center in Dar for talented youths.

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The overall goal of the initiative is to promote and strengthen the creative industries of Tanzania by fostering capacity development in music performance, technology and music management skills.

Therefore Music Mayday opened a sustainable training centre which sources, trains, develops, promotes and markets highly qualified professionals of the music industry.

To achieve this goal, the Project “Sounds of Tomorrow” is offering 2-year scholarships to 60 talented young artists to study an instrument, voice and/or music management or recording technology. The students are also trained in instrument repair and maintenance, music theory, music management, sponsoring and self-marketing, technical music production and sound management.

Music Mayday organizes public live events will promote the musicians on a national and international level.

The students are selected at in total four music auditions where local young talents, especially from low-income areas of Dar es Salaam are encouraged to showcase their talent. Since women are in general under-represented in the music scene the project especially focusses on reaching women in the project.



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  • WOMEX 2013
  • WOMEX 2010
  • WOMEX 2005
  • WOMEX 2003
  • WOMEX 2002
  • WOMEX 2001


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