"Toeters & Bellen" - Gerard van Maasakkers

Gerard van Maasakkers
  • artist:Gerard van Maasakkers
  • release year:2003
  • style(s):Songwriter
  • country:Netherlands
  • formats:DVD Video (Digital Versatile Disc)
  • record posted by:Music & Words
  • label:Aditi [Image]


Dutch singer-songwriter is the first artist to be released on the brand new dvd video label Aditi [Image]. The official release was during his 25th anniversary as an artist.
Aditi [Image] ia a brandnew company owned by Music & Words (the Netherlands) and Felmay (Italy) and it will release dvd video's with folk, blues, world and other traditional music. It will include concerts, documentaries, etc. All dvd's will have extra features like additional footage, biographies, discographies, etc,