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Line up

  • Michael League (guitar, oud)
  • André Ferrari (percussion)
  • Bob Lanzetti (guitar)
  • Jamey Haddad (percussion)
  • Jordan Peters (guitar)
  • Julia Pederson (bass)
  • Keita Ogawa (percussion)
  • Malika Tirolien (vocals)
  • Roosevelt Collier (lap steel guitar)


Bokanté means 'exchange' in Guadeloupean Creole, the language of vocalist Malika Tirolien's birthplace, a fitting moniker for this all-star line-up representing five countries and four continents. Instigated by Snarky Puppy mastermind Michael League, Bokanté traces the blues from its roots in Africa and the Arab World, throughout the diaspora, and into a modern context, merging multiple instruments and influences into vibrantly cohesive songs addressing the challenges and strengths of today's complex socio-political environment. The band's inspired improvisations circle around the gently powerful voice of Malika Tirolien, whose lyrics, in Creole and French, explore the reality of this very important - and potentially dangerous - moment in time, warning against inaction, while celebrating who we are and what we have in spite of everything, exhorting us to move forward with hope (through action) for a better day.

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