Line up

  • Francesc Ribera  (Vocals)
  • Jordi Camasolivas (Bass)
  • Miriam Masramon (trombone)
  • Xevi Capdevila (Trombone)


The social and cultural statement it had improved considerably, from of 1990 and a sentence us was worth endowing a expresion way with the new scene instead of establishing ourselves cyclically in the formula that we knew. Also a challenge was - and it is - to resign the inertia and to construct a new machine. It was a risk and the gesture was demanding to invest and to sacrifice the one that more we have estimated, Brams, that one that existed of nothing and that it had allowed us to communicate to us with so many people, but if we wanted to be coherent we had to do it. And we did it. And in a historical concert with more than 10.000 persons in any part of the country, jumping Berga.