Es Reboster


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Line up

  • Alberto Sierra (Percussions)
  • Biel Perelló (Trombone)
  • Joan Garau (Bass)
  • Joanna Abrines (Guitar)
  • Llorenç Barceló (Keyboards)
  • Margalida Pericàs (Vocals)
  • Marta Fernández (Vocals)
  • Miquel Amengual (Drums)
  • Pep Garau (Trumpet)
  • Pere Antoni Pericàs (Saxophone)
  • Pere Estelrich (Guitar)


It was year 2000 when some younger from Santa Margalida (Majorque) joined for the first time to make music. Their meeting point was "Es reboster", a little place out from the town that gives the name to the band since the first moment.
The beginnings was not too clear, neither the style nor the components. The current formation derives from a long entry and musicians' exit; some of them with experience and for some were their first contact with the music. From the original formation they last still, Joan Grau, Pere estelrich, Margalida Pericas and her brother Antoni Pericas. Later on came Joana Abrines, Marta Fernandez, Biel Perello and Miquel Amengual.
During the first years they try to define their own stile. But they had the "Ska" in mind since the beginning, while on they start with "Punk-Ska", Rock and Pop, an ideal mix for summer nights.
One of the most important changes happen on the year 2004 when they decide to put a second vocal in the band. So, Marta leaves the keyboards to sing with Margalida. Then they turn into a few bands with two woman lead singers.
Nowadays, they have almost seven years in the stages. They have a lot to learn but they have learn enough to leave the shame and share their music around Spain with others famous bands too.
They recorded a Demo (2002) and a disc in 2006 called "Sono Qui".