Toni Xuclá


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Line up

  • chandra noraine  (tabla, darbuka )
  • David Simó (Drums)
  • denis huevo (Trumpet)
  • Jordi Pegenaute (electric guitar, dobro )
  • Juan Aguiar (Violin, Viola)
  • Juanjo Muñoz  (Acoustic Guitar)
  • lautaro rosas (chalumeau)
  • Pep Cucurella (Bass)
  • Toni Xuclà (classical, acoustic, acoustic 12 strings guitar, u)


Toni Xuclà, is born in Barcelona (Catalonia-SPAIN) in 1955. In a beginning, he learns music of self-taught form and at the age of fifteen already he composes music for companies of fond theatre. To eighteen, Toni acts in clubes of jazz of Barcelona with CARLESBENAVENT and other musicians. In the year 76 he forms his first own group with SANTI ARISA and XAVIERBATLLÉS and records his first disc in solitarily: "Conte del Mediterràni". On this disc we find JOAN ALBERT AMARGÓS and OVIDI MONTLLOR collaborations. Precisely with Ovidi he recorded three discs in the four years in which they played together with TOTI SOLER. With Toti, Toni Xuclà recorded "Desdesig" and realized diverse concerts to duo and trio with "CHANGO FARIAS GÓMEZ ". Of among the groups in which he has formed a part in this time we might emphasize "La Rondalla de la Costa " and "Sardineta". The first one with MANEL JOSEPH and members of the "Orquestra Mirasol" and the second one with ELISEO PARRA.

Toni has been producing,GEMA 4, SOPA DE CABRA, MARIA SALGADO, RAMON MUNTANER, MARINA ROSSELL AND ROSA ZARAGOZA among others. He has collaborated with JA T'HO DIRÉ,GEORGES MOUSTAKY, GATO PEREZ and MARIA DEL MAR BONET. Between 1980 and 1992, he composes numerous musical for cinema, theatre and television. In 1991 is published a musical collection of the TV program "Mediterrania" that includes his compositions. Later he composes the sound track of the program "Nature" (TV3) Also writes diverse books and works for guitar.

In 1992 Toni Xuclà records his second work, "Banda Sonora", to half a way between the new age, the contemporary music and the jazz. But is in 1996, when Toni records "Les Arracades de Cirera" (Cherry Earrings/Los Pendientes de cereza) that his music begins to be recognized internationally. In this work we find close to original tunes, versions of former Catalan and French dances. This disc has been produced by the record Dutch Nazca Music. Until today, it has been sold in Holland, Belgium, USA, India and Japan.

In July, 1997, Xuclà releases the spectacle "GINY, SENY" (talent and sense) in the Vilanova i La Geltrú's international Festival (FIMPT), sharing poster with Flaco Jiménez and Carlos Nuñez. In this concert we find an interesting mixture of instruments and traditional dance with concepts of modern music. This work has been recorded in a CD with the same title produced by the same FIMPT and edited by TRAM. In October, 1998 the duo ADOLFO OSTA-TONI XUCLÀ, with the title "Te mandaré mi corazón caliente" (I will send you my warm heart), they record a disc that contains 12 songs with FEDERICO GARCÍA LORCA's poems, the majority with music of Toni Xuclà. This disc is the most important contribution of the Catalan music to the centenary of the birth of the Andalusian poet, who of SALVADOR DALÍ's hand developed an important relation with Catalonia.

In April, 1999, Toni Xuclà throws "I si...?"-"What if ...?". A very open and cheer disc, with many diversity of styles. This disc is author's work, eminently collective, where every piece is a world it self. In "What if ..." there collaborate, among others, CARLES BENAVENT, TOTI SOLER, GERARDQUINTANA, VÍCTOR URIS, CRIS JUANICO, JUANJO MUÑOZ (GOSSOS),GERMÁN DÍAZ AND PEP POBLET. The same year, Toni receives several prizes and nominations. The song "Cau el sol" of Sopa de Cabra with Toni Xuclà's arrangements, receives one of "PRIZES Of THE MUSIC 99" (SGAE-AIE) as better song in Catalan of 98. The festival ALTAVEU 99 grants him one of the prizes "by his constant activity in the approach of Mediterranean music to the new trends". In the MERCAT DE MUSICA VIVA DE VIC he is nominated as better musician of the year in "new proposal".

The music magazine Enderrock grants four prizes to him in the paragraph of new trends, three for popular voting: better disc, better artist, better song for " Touchin' the sky". Also the prize of the critique to the best disc. Radio Nacional de España en Catalunya (RNE-R4) rewards " What If ..?" as better recording of 1999.

Together with CRIS JUANICO (Ja t'ho diré) and JUANJO MUÑOZ (Gossos) forms the trio Menaix a Truà, and they record in 2000 a CD in live. That summer they lead the summer song of the channel of televisón TV3, "Enmig de la mar". In February an exceptional event takes place, diverse musicians get together with the name of LA BANDA IMPOSSIBLE (The impossible band) in a concert to claim more attention for the music in Catalonia(Spain). Toni Xuclà takes part, writes the arrangements and there directs this event in which there take part DANI NEL.LO, PEMI FORTUNY (LAX N' BUSTO), GEMA 4, CRIS JUANICO AND NATXOTARRÉS (GOSSOS). In the summer of 2000 the program of television HIDROGEN dedicates to Toni Xuclà, a special program that includes the recording of three video-clip. Also he composes the music of the spectacle of dance "Al.lota" directed by ALEXANDRA GIMENEZ who has the premiere in the Principal Theatre of Palma de Mallorca. The same year, he composes music specially for the CD Espais Naturals de Catalunya (TVC disc) dedicated to "Les Fonts del Llobregat" in that Toni records all the instruments. In Christmas, Xuclà takes part in the collective disc "Altres cançons de Nadal", as soloist, forming a part of Menaix to truà and in the collective song.