Arsene Duevi
Arsene Duevi shaman showman


A song that celebrates power of woman
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  • country:Togo
  • region:Central Africa
  • style(s):Afro, Contemporary
  • label:Musicamorfosi
  • type:Solo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal, a cappella, percussion, guitar
  • artist posted by:Musicamorfosi

Line up

  • Arsene Duevi (voice, guitar, bass, percussion, loop station)
  • Arsene Duevi (voice, guitar, electric bass)


On stage, Arsene Duevi plays with his voice, doubles it up, adds new layers. The trance – so hard to achieve– is instantaneous. Beautiful. To savor. Guillaume Thibault RFI Afrique

Shaman Showman
Arsene Duevi guitar, voice & loop station
The new work by Arsène Duevi, singer, multi-instrumentalist and musical shaman, who seduces with his sounds that mix Africa and Europe, Jazz and World Music, songwriting and improvisation

With “Out of Africa” (Afrika Nye) (2010), Arsene sang to us of the colors of a land impossible to leave behind, with Haya (2016) he celebrated the life and the hope of those who emigrate.
Now, all alone as a true shaman, he takes us on a journey to the root of sound.

Arsene Duevi bass and guitar player, singer, choir director, composer and ethnomusicologist, arrived in Italy in 2002 and he is now an Italian citizen.
Continuing Arsene’s reputation for being a music shaman, in his second cd, Haya (Musicamorfosi 2016) premiered in Rome at Parco della Musica and in Milan at Blue Note, he sings in Ewè, Italian and French. All the songs share the same message coming directly from the Southern hemisphere: choose life, don’t let yourself be used by money, never give up, hug one another, stand up, sing and make your voice stand out in a sea of other voices. Haya in Ewe means rejoice and it is Arsene’s new soul-moving hymn celebrating life.

Main concerts: WOMAD Chile, Canadian Music Week (Toronto), Atlantic Music Expo (Capo Verde) i Suoni delle Dolomiti, Blue Note Milano, Parco della Musica Roma, Teatro Comunale di Vicenza, Musicastrada
Live show at Rai Radio Uno, Radio Tre, Radio Popolare, WDR Cologne, RFI Afrique