ivan mazuze

Line up

  • Bjørn Vidal Solli (guitar)
  • Ivan Mazuze (sax)
  • Per Mathisen (bass)
  • Raciel Torres (drums)


The multi-awarded Norway’s based saxophonist and composer, Ivan Mazuze has recorded with acclaimed international artists and has performed at world stage festivals and venues With its Ivan Mazuze Mazuze Quintet presents World Jazz of its best.
“Mazuze uses the strong earthy and funky in the African beat with Africa clear with major/minor tonality. But then pops up anyway quite a familiar world, the Nordic tone”… Peter Rahbek, Jazzspecial Magazine, Denmark
“This is the world of jazz and world-class jazz. The names may be unfamiliar, but this is the musical greats throughout heard behind Ivan Mazuze and his amazing and interesting saxophone playing. It is music that speaks, music that is not quite like what we are used to, but also no wonder. Ivan Mazuze is an exciting musician and (his latest album) Ubuntu feels like a cannonball”. Lennart Götesson, Dalademokraten, Sweden
“Ivan has the confidence of a runner who can go at top speed if necessary but who knows the value of superb phrasing and tone”. Anya Wassenberg, Arts and Culture Maven – Canada
“This is the third album that he has recorded and reveals a talented composer and multi-instrumentalist playing at the top of his game”. Chris Baber, Jazz Views