Line up

  • Emiliano Pasquinucci (accordion keyboards flute effects)
  • Gianluca De Vito Franceschi (guitar and vocals)
  • Gianni Apicella (drums and percussions )
  • Jury Carmignani (bass)
  • Letizia Papi (vocals)


Malamanera is a music project born in 2014. Gianluca De Vito Franceschi, guitarist and author, after several years spent between Nicaragua and Costarica, returns to Italy and with her lifelong friend, the singer and writer Letiza Papi, puts together a collection of music and lyrics originated from human and artistic experiences, lived across the world and yet based on the same values and creative accord.
The repertoire includes the passion for traveling, the love of nature, the disdain for the injustice and the deep respect towards both men and women. The two authors quickly think of adding other instruments, seeking a sound able to mix the folk music and the song-writing of the Tuscan Maremma, together with the Afro and Reggae roots of the Caribbean and Centre–American Pacific. First the addition of bass and accordion, then drums and keyboards give the band a cross-bred identity with harmonic features: rumba, reggae and cumbia embracing ska, dub and folk.
The resulting mix has a strong evoking flavor, sometimes dreamlike; it is a trip in the Managua “calles”, the Solentiname alleys, the walls of the old borough of Suvereto and the beach that intermittently stretches across the Parco della Sterpaia in Tuscany.
The idea of telling the tales of trips, meetings, returns and of the sometimes magical and unforeseeable events of life positively infected also Jury Carmignani (bass), Emiliano Pasquinucci (accordion, keyboards, flute, effects) and Leonardo Orlandi (drums and percussions). An infection that makes the last three years with a tour of mote than 150 gigs