Saodaj' (ph credits Melanie Morand)

Line up

  • Anthony Sery (vocals, didgeridoo, sati-p)
  • Frédérick Cipriano (vocals, kayanm, bobr)
  • Jonathan Itéma (vocals, roulèr, morlon)
  • Marie Lanfroy (vocals, matamorlon, bobr’)
  • Melanie Bourire (vocals, triangle)


Emblematic of the new generation of artists who have taken up the torch of burning Maloya, Native of Reunion Saodaj’ place their crystal clear voice and the impetuous ternary islander rhythm in the great concert of globalized music.

Nourished by Southern, West Africa and European influences, this young traveler quintet puzzling by the maturity of their acoustic fusion, both faithful to their history and ancestors and definitely open to hybridizations.
Carried by the charismatic singer Marie LANFROY, this nomadic Maloya proves to be much more than a musical promise by its soaring vocals and its vertiginous trance, Saodaj’ revives a genre of ecstatic virtues.
Saodaj’s rhythms and melodies make people dance as in a state of hypnotic trance.