Line up

  • Iacopo Schiavo (vocals guitar)
  • Jeremías Cornejo (vocals guitar ukulele)
  • Joaquín Cornejo ( vocals keyboards percussions)
  • Laura Falanga (Percussions)
  • Matteo Bonti (bass vocals)
  • Mauro La Mancusa (trumpet percussions)
  • Pietro Borsò (drums)
  • Sigi Beare (tenor sax percussions)


With origins in Argentina, Tuscany, and Sicily (and even Bosnia), the Surealistas’ collective beat includes Afro-American clave, cumbia, son, MPB and tropical sounds, not forgetting their adolescent origins drawing from rock, psychedelia, songwriters, and literature.

They are a real, ‘leaderless’ band – based on an idea of a circle, enclosing and encompassing a range of ideas, voices, and colors. Vinícius de Morães once said: “Life is the art of the encounter”. The spirit of the encounter drives the SuRealistas’ music – original songs inspired by a love for Afro-American and Indo-American traditions.

Following 4 European tours (covering France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary), two albums (“Surealistas” and “Canta”) and four videos (“Canta”, “Vida mía”, “Perro Desobediente” & Metegol), the band have a clear goal – to be open to the world and ready to dance.
This is the key to the life of their shows, marrying the magical and dream-like with theatre and mischief.
Their immersion in South America stretches to the global South and its diversity. With it, a recognition of the need to preserve the natural world in an era where we have collectively lost our way.
Every show is a kind of ritual – a celebration of life, song, and dance, a must-see – exuberant, fun-loving, romantic and surprising.