Claire Parsons

Claire Parsons
Claire Parsons
  • country:Luxembourg
  • style(s):Jazz
  • label:Doublemoon Records
  • type:Quintet
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Music:LX

Line up

  • Claire Parsons (singer)
  • Eran Har Even (guitar)
  • Jerome Klein (keyboards)
  • Niels Engel (drums)
  • Pol Belardi (bass)


Claire parsons ‘in geometry’ is a multinational collaboration between the luxembourgish/british singer claire parsons, the israeli guitarist eran har even, the french/luxembourgish drummer and pianist jérôme klein, the luxembourgish bass player pol belardi and drummer niels engel. The project is based in luxembourg, brussels and amsterdam and is a vigorous contribution to the constantly developing modern european jazz sound.
The project was born out of the desire to form a creative connection and blend their contrasting backgrounds into the original compositions of claire. Each of the musicians bring their unique vision and style to the music and thus create a very intimate and exciting atmosphere with the intention of creating harmony and balance within the existing environment.

Their first album ‘in geometry’ was launched in may 2020 by the label double moon records (challenge records) together with the popular german jazz magazine “jazz thing” in their series ‘next generation vol. 83’.