The Soul
The Soul Live at NH7 Weekender, Pune 2019
Round & Around, Debut Album 2018
Enry Pete , 2nd Studio Album 2020
Sienna Cafe, Kolkata 2019
The Soul Live at NH7 Weekender, Pune 2019
The Soul Live at The Sound Room, Musicmatters Sri Lanka
Uvi on Bass
Round & Around, Debut Album Launch Concert 2018
Live in Bangalore, 2019
Live in Arugambay, Sri Lanka
  • country:Sri Lanka
  • region:South East Asia
  • style(s):Global Fusion, World Pop
  • label:not signed
  • type:Quintet
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, rock band, pop group
  • artist posted by:Musicmatters Pvt. Ltd.

Line up

  • Dave Free Roberts (Lead Vocals / Percussions)
  • Dr. Sumudhi Suraweera (Drums)
  • Khazim Miskin (Guitars / Backing Vocals)
  • Sarani Perera (Guitars / Keys / Synth)
  • Uvindu Perera (Bass / Backing Vocals)


The Soul has built a name for itself in the Sri Lankan music industry with their blend of originality from experimental, pop, blues, rock reggae and sound art,coming to be recognized primarily for their original music and the high standard of musicianship in their live shows. A five-piece unit, The Soul is composed of Khazim, Sarani, Uvindu, Dave and Sumudhi.

- Music Albums -
Enry Pete (2020)
Round & Around (2018)

- Short Film -
Where We're From (2019)

The many layers of the band’s sound are weaved together by this set of highly accomplished musicians, who’ve honed their individual skills over many years and are well respected industrywide. While drawing upon the marketing acumen of their member-cum-manager, Khazim Miskin, The Soul has developed a high-equity brand with their two-hour-long shows as well as their abridged feature performances. It presents concert organizers, event managers, and music venues with a versatile live entertainment option suited for an array of shows.

Their highly acclaimed debut album, Round & Around, is being lauded by both listeners and critics as one of the best original music albums to emerge from the island. The album’s musical and lyrical artistry even gained it international recognition through Finding Figaro, an Australian website dedicated to unearthing the best in local and international music. They listed The Soul’s debut studio effort as one of the best albums of 2018.

The Soul’s wide popularity is based on the visual and auditory experience they’ve crafted for their listeners. The original sound of the band, which effortlessly melds both Sri Lankan and global elements, has led to The Soul being touted by many as the band to take the island’s soundscape to the rest of the world. This is an endeavour they’ve put great effort into more recently and the band
were successfully booked for a tours in Maldives, Oman playing in some of India's biggest Indie Festivals such as NH7 Weekender, Echoes of Earth and Goa Sunsplash.

On the local front, they’re widely seen by both foreigners and locals alike as pioneers in the now widely popular sound and scene taking place in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. This has now spread to other beachside towns dotting the island’s extensive coastline.

Their sound tapestries take the listener through a series of emotions ranging from unadulteratedjoy, the depths of melancholy, to what is ordering on lunacy. The themes discussed in The Soul’s music are underlined by the many realities living in Sri Lanka, or any part of the world, presents. Some songs represent a departure from this and are deeply philosophical in outlook. The many hues of their sound and lyrical themes ensure there’s something for everyone. This has come to characterize the nature of their fanbase, which comprises individuals of all persuasions from across the globe.

The Soul’s devoted listeners often follow them right around the island, documenting their performances with cult-like enthusiasm. The band’s art of storytelling has inspired many and, most
recently, it led to them being featured in a short-film titled ‘Where we’re from’. It was screened at the renowned Punchi Theatre in Borella to a packed audience.