Farmers Market

Farmers Market


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Line up

  • Finn Guttormsen (Bass)
  • Jarle Vespestad (Drums)
  • Nils-Olav Johansen (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Stian Carstensen (Accordion, Guitar, Flute, Vocals)
  • Trifon Triofonov (Saxophone)


Saturday 29/10/11 00:30 | Koncerthuset: Nordic Club (Studio 4)

Imagine a hot Bulgarian band referencing (sometimes all in the space of one piece) a smorgasbord of global music styles such as bluegrass, bhangra, surf guitar, film soundtracks and heavy metal, playfully and expertly incorporating them into the distinctive melodies and asymmetric rhythms of traditional Bulgarian music to create a breathtaking, fast moving, hilariously entertaining, description-defying, impressively virtuosic and totally unique experience. Well, that's Farmers Market, except that, apart from saxophonist Trifon Trifonov, the members all hail from Norway. Led by the multiple-instrument wielding Stian Carstensen, the band has been ploughing its own furrow through the genres to the Balkans since starting out as a free jazz outfit in 1991 to become one of Norway's most popular live acts.