Musique Nomade

Producer and promoter of Indigenous musical talent, Musique Nomade provides exposure and a stepping stone toward the music industry.

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MN is a production and promotion non-profit organization that works with Indigenous musician since 10 years. MN basically set temporary studios in communities across Canada to record traditional and contemporary singer-songwriter and to develop different workshop, residencies, and collaborative projects and shows. We are one of the main reference in Quebec to reach the Indigenous artist.

MN produce an annual show, which takes place at Place des Festivals in Montreal as part of the Présence autochtone, the Indigenous Montréal Festival. It is a showcase of emerging Indigenous musical talents that we encounter as we travel across the territory. The best in up-and-coming Indigenous and indie musical talent. With plenty of artists to discover and a meeting of styles and cultures, the event is memorable and one-of-a-kind.

MN's missions are to support an emerging generation of Indigenous music, to provide digital memory for traditional music, to ensure Indigenous cultural representation within the music industry and encourage intercultural encounters.

Active since 2008 but officially created in 2011 by Manon Barbeau (Wapikoni Mobile), MN moves across the territory with a team of professional producers. The team installs temporary studios and makes themselves available to artists from communities (reservations) and surrounding areas. The team produces original works and videos that are then used for the dissemination and promotion of artists. We then develop promotional and creative activities with the musicians of our network and partnerships with various festivals and organizations to ensure visibility during events. For the industry, MN acts as a bridge between artists and the entertainment industry. The MN repertory is one of a kind and an important musical reference: folk, rock, pop, electro, hip hop, traditional, French, English and Indigenous languages...

For singer-songwriters and musicien wishing to develop a musical career, Musique nomade develops custom-made tools with artists. MN also develop different collaborations with festivals and cultural events to promote our broad and rather unique repertoire of contemporary and traditional music and our network of privileged musicians met throughout the territory.

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"Now Wow We" - Anachnid + Annie Sama