Holler My Dear

Holler My Dear
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Line up

  • Elena Shams (Drums)
  • Fabian Koppri (Mandolin, Mandora, Guitar, Vocals)
  • Laura Winkler (Vocals, Composition)
  • Lucas Dietrich (Double Bass)
  • Stephen Molchanski (Trumpet, Vocals)
  • Valentin Butt (Accordion)


When friends invite you to dinner you don’t turn up empty-handed. And when Holler my Dear asks you round for food, drinks and merriment, it’s best not to come on a full stomach.

With the new album „Eat, drink and be merry,“ the versatile folk-band from Berlin is throwing a party – and it’s a real knees-up. Along with tasty favourites and some bitter-sweet tones, there’s plenty of hot and hearty fare on offer. Holler My Dear serves up acoustic pop as a warming anti-depressant and spreads generous amounts of swing and funk like flavouring in cut glass vials. It’s music that sparks the fire and makes you tingle. You’re sure to go back for another helping.