Horst Hansen Trio

Horst Hansen Trio
  • country:Germany
  • style(s):Jazz, Rock
  • label:Quasilectric
  • artist posted by:Musszo Booking

Line up

  • Carsten Hackler (Piano)
  • Lars Leibl (Bass)
  • Lukas Weber (Sax)
  • Till Menzer (Drums)
  • Tobias Foller (Guitar)


This five-man trio regularly sets off storms of enthusiasm when entering the stage with their colorful footwear, shirts buttoned up the wrong way and jazzy glasses. Originally, Horst Hansen Trio was founded in the 1960ies by Horst Hansen, one of Germany’s most influential trumpeters at the time. Since 2010, five young musicians continue this unique project and win the audience over with their passion for – and joy of – playing. The self-proclaimed „überjazz“ players do not shy away from using various genres and thus develop their very own characteristic sound. Traditional ideas of jazz are broken up and make room for groovy sounds and energetic improvisations. The trio unfolds an enthralling evening which fascinates incurable pros and beginners likewise. Forget Jazz, this is the next level: heavy overjazz!