Laura Cahen
  • country:France
  • style(s):Chansons, Indie
  • label:BELLEVUE Music
  • artist posted by:Musszo Booking

Line up

  • Gérald (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
  • Julien (Bass, Bass Piano, Backing Vocals)
  • Laura Cahen (Vocals, Guitar)
  • Nicolas (Drums, Backings)


Laura Cahen is an upcoming singer-songwriter from France, Nancy whose musical awakening began as part of a family of music lovers. She learnt to play piano and guitar when she was younger and subsequently began writing her own songs as a teenager. In her music, she blends modernity and tradition, using Bossa Nova, Jazz, Pop and Chanson elements, while creating songs influenced by a ‘positive’ melancholy, which makes people happy being melancholic because it makes them feel alive.

Her appearance creates attention – not only triggered by the black stripe across her face. She is tough but vulnerable at the same time, seeking and likewise creating desire. Living in the present times is complicated, her war paint is not merely decoration – Laura Cahen really means it.