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  • country:Spain
  • style(s):Folk, World Pop
  • label:Pink Records
  • artist posted by:Musszo Booking

Line up

  • Brahima Diabate (Balafon, Djembe)
  • Dani Torres (Percussion, Backing Vocals)
  • Diego Longo (Drums)
  • Duavel Cesar (Bass)
  • Lalo Martínez (Guitar, Charango, Quena, Backing Vocals)
  • Laura Cartes (Backing Vocals, Shakers)
  • Lucas Bárcena (Main Vocals, Guitar)
  • Mr. Short (Trumpet, Saxophone)


Music is a bridge between nations and cultures – this is the motif of the band „Nordakas“ (Spanish, colloquial for immigrant). They present a charming, happy and energetic show, that leaves no one unaffected and that is definitely worth having a closer look at. With elements from rumba, folklore, and flamenco rhythms they create an unique atmosphere between Spanish tradition and ethnic world music.

The Spanish bandleader, singer and guitarist of the band, Lucas Bárcena, composes pieces with references to North Iberian folklore with partly Celtic influences. Some of his fellow musicians come from Spain, like him, but the colorful mixture of music comes not without reason: Argentina, the USA, Cuba and the Ivory Coast also appear as countries of origin of some of the band members. Together they conjure a colorful mishmash of Spanish and Latin American culture on stage: authentic, versatile and unique.

Nordakas‘ set-up is flexible: Whether the stage fits 4 or 8 people; the band is able to adapt to the circumstances and to perform a thrilling show, that makes people dance.