• country:Portugal
  • region:Lisboa
  • style(s):Electronic, Folk
  • label:not signed
  • type:Solo
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:vocal, electronic, guitar
  • artist posted by:muti Collective

Line up

  • Mariana Bragada


Meta is Mariana Bragada exploring the roots.
She comes from Trás-os-Montes (North Portugal
Region) to share the connection between ances-tral wisdom and unite it with electronic music.
She has been weaving her sound tapestry alongside the trips in Europe, where she did the European Tour “Mónada”, and South America, where she traveled to explore the Self and to do live sound in Brazil and Uruguai for a theater play. Without borders, she aims to reimaginefeelings, stories and fantasies, creating an unique universe.

With her voice as the main instrument, she plays a solo show with loop station, drum machine, electric guitar and Adufe (traditional Portuguese percussion), creating a fresh approach to Portuguese music with electronic sounds.

Festival da Canção (Eurovision Portuguese Song Contest), Festival Bons Sons, TedxPorto, SofarSoundsMadrid have been a few places where Meta has left her magic.

She has most recently collaborated with Xinobi in “La Tormenta”. She has also been awarded “Best Emerging Musical Project” in Festival Emergente, 2019 and the “Best in Music” Award in Mostra
Nacional de Jovens Criadores in 2021. Meta has Professional Formation in Music Production in Arda, Porto and studied Jazz Singing.