Independent artist/label services, music consultancy & advocacy agency in Cameroon.

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Mutumbu is an independent artist and music management, consultancy, booking, licensing & advocacy agency in Cameroon, with the mission to promote arts and culture and the well-being of actors in the sector by building value and providing professional, affordable, and sustainable solutions for artists, music consumers, and entertainment industry stakeholders.

The fast-rising Cameroon Music Industry consists mostly of independent artists and labels who generally work in the informal sector and face significant challenges in navigating this industry. At Mutumbu we offer a comprehensive suite of services that bridge the gap and provide much-needed support for emerging talent and labels.

We also help brands, businesses, and individuals to book the right talents for their various needs (events, endorsements, appearances, marketing campaigns, etc) and to obtain the proper licenses for the use of musical works in adverts, sports, movies, etc


Digital Distribution
Publishing & Neighboring Rights Administration
Marketing & Promotion
Career Management & Representation
Opportunity Sourcing
Music Licensing (Movies, Sports, Adverts)
Talent Booking Agent (events, brand campaigns, etc)
Event Planning & Organization
Capacity Building
Project Management
CCI Talent/SME Incubator
Holdings & Investment


The Cameroon Music Industry (Report) – 2023 / Mboa – The Evolution of Afropop in Cameroon (documentary) / Panellist – The Music Imbizo / SONACAM (Facilitation of acquisition of CMS) / MAMCOS – Mutumbu Annual Music Conference and Showcase / Str8Up Productions / Afrikids – Content Creation for African Kids / Bui Choral Music Competition / Your repertoire your heritage (Campaign) / Acafemmi Showcase / Tribute Sisters 25th Anniversary concert / Panellist – Escale Bantoo / The Lionn Academy Showcase (Douala & Yaounde) / – Online Music Promotion Blog / Platform / / Lionn Productions Ltd


The Orchard / Menta Music / Songtrust BLV / Sheer Publishing / Boomplay / Lionn Productions LTD / Lionn Academy for Arts & Entertainment / Balafon Media / The Mirror Agency / Kintaty Sarl /Local Youth Corner Cameroon / Sentric / Trace / Dash Media

Mr Leo / Loic Sumfor / Yves Lenoir / Pecutie / Chilli Wawaye / Alaraye Studios / Asaba

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  • WOMEX 2023


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Report: Cameroon Music Opportunity

Cameroonian Music Agency Mutumbu in partnership...


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