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5000 AD Tilburg

Non-profit Music Production House Muzieklab Brabant, based in The Netherlands, helps develop (top) talent and music concepts in contemporary music.

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  • WOMEX 2012
  • WOMEX 2011
  • WOMEX 2010

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Muzieklab Brabant (MLB):
Non-profit Music Production House Muzieklab Brabant is based in The Netherlands and helps develop (top) talent and music concepts in any style of contemporary music. With the production and organisation of events within our programme we try to deepen and broaden this current musical spectrum.

We begin where the conservatory and the academy of music ends. By doing so we work closely together with educational institutes like Fontys College and Tilburg Universit,y as well as live music venues and other affiliated organisations.

Muzieklab Brabant intermediates between artists, performers, consumers and customers and is therefore a driving force in the cultural industry for today’s music from dance to pop to improvised (-jazz) and contemporary classically composed music, ethnic and especially crossover.

Criteria used by Muzieklab Brabant are related to our mission statement:
- ideas need to be creative, innovative and/or experimental in their genre;
- the artist is open for coaching and advice by our music professionals and there is an immediate urge for support by Muzieklab Brabant;
- and finally, the ideas must be executable.


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