Muziekpublique: The heart of folk and world music and traditional dance in Brussels

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The not-for-profit association Muziekpublique keeps music and dance traditions alive and kicking in Brussels through an ambitious programme of concerts, courses, and artists accompaniment. We bring artists and members of the public together in a spirit of enjoyment, discovery and respect for cultural diversity.

A year-round concert programme, featuring Belgian and international artists, forms the core of the foundation’s activities. From the contemplative to the madly festive, concerts take place indoors and outdoors, around the city and throughout the year.
Some of the bands that have played for Muziekpublique: Dino Saluzzi & Anja Lechner, Baaba Maal, Karim Baggili, Dobet Gnahore, Stimmhorn, Ranarim, Afel Bocoum, Riccardo Tesi, Kardes Türküler, Jaune Toujours, Martin Simpson, Habib Koite, Triakel, Kocani Orkestar, Mahala Rai Banda, Julie Murphy, Kala Ramnath, Ska Cubano, Didier Laloy, Kimmo Pohjonen, Régis Gizavo, Iva Bittova, Bellowhead...

With the World Music & Dance Academy you can also access a remarkable programme of courses, where you can learn authentic folk dances from many corners of Europe, and how to play a wide range of traditional European, African and oriental instruments.

album production / management / promotion / booking

Muziekpublique is also the musical home of local performers including Las Lloronas, Tamala, Refugees for Refugees, Voxtra, Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin, A Contrabanda. We help them to develop their career in Belgium and abroad, recording CDs, promoting their concerts.

We have currently 13 releases, which have received very good reviews from the press (Songlines Top 10 of the Year, fRoots Playlist Choices, best album of the year in Transglobal World Music Charts, BBC Music Magazine 5-star reviews,…). Our bands have toured internationally in more than 20 countries (from Belgium to Poland, UK, India, Hungary, Holland, France, Panama, Zanzibar,…).
MZP14: Tamala - Lumba (1 october 2021)
MZP13; Las Lloronas - Soaked (7 november 2020)
MZP12: Jola - Hidden Gnawa Music in Brussels (2020)
MZP11: Refugees for Refugees - Amina (2019)
MZP10: Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin - Karin (2018)
MZP09: Bao Sissoko, Mola Sylla & Wouter Vandenabeele - Tamala (2017)
MZP08: Voxtra - The Encounter of Vocal Heritage (2016)
MZP07: Refugees for Refugees - Amerli (2016)
MZP06: Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin - Adana (2015)
MZP05: Malick Pathé Sow & Bao Sissoko - Aduna (2012)
MZP04: Zongora - Doverie (2011)
MZP03: Blindnote (2010)
MZP02: Shahkilid - Nedaye Asemani (2010)
MZP01: Malick Pathé Sow - Maayo Men (2008)



participating in

  • WOMEX 2024
  • WOMEX 2023
  • WOMEX 2022
  • WOMEX 2021
  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo
  • WOMEX 2019
  • WOMEX 2018
  • WOMEX 2017
  • WOMEX 2016
  • WOMEX 2015
  • WOMEX 2014
  • WOMEX 2013
  • WOMEX 2012
  • WOMEX 2011
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  • WOMEX 2009
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  • WOMEX 2003


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"Lumba" - Tamala

"Tamala" - Tamala (Bao Sissoko, Mola Sylla, Wouter Vandenabeele)

"Adana" - Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin

"ADUNA" - Malick Pathé Sow & Bao Sissoko


Jaune Toujours

Las Lloronas

Belgian World Music Night

Hide & Seek Festival